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The ORIGINAL Stencil Cleaner

Pallet and Other Post Solder Cleaning Applications

All Smart Sonic Stencil Cleaners, The Model 6000 Stencil & Pallet Cleaner, The ErgoSonic Model Stencil & Pallet Cleaner,The Model 1550 Stencil & Pallet Cleaner, The Model 2003 Stencil & Pallet Cleaner, The Models 520 & 529 Stencil & Pallet Cleaners, are designed to also clean post solder flux residue from pallets, oven radiators, wave solder fingers and other flux-contaminated tooling used in PCB assembly.

Permali, the makers of Durostone pallet material, recommends only Smart Sonic for ultrasonic applications of cleaning Durostone pallets. Please refer to the following Permali Technical Data Sheet: 

Permali Tech Data Sheet

Flux-contaminated oven
radiator before cleaning

AFTER 10-minute Smart Sonic Model 1550 Stencil Cleaner wash cycle and a 10% 440-R SMT Detergent solution.